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Vampire Academy 2 Release Date | ⓴⓱ | Trailer, Cast & More! May 21,  · Beyonce's "Grown Woman" single has been teased for weeks, and it's finally made its way online. After first appearing in the singer's Pepsi commercial. Share this Rating. Title: Grown Ups () 6 / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Use the HTML below. Apr 04,  · The song that was teased in Beyonce's "Mirrors" commercial for Pepsi has a name and a release date. "Grown Woman," the first single off the singer's as-of. May 21,  · Beyonce's "Grown Woman" single has been teased for weeks, and it's finally made its way online. After first appearing in the singer's Pepsi commercial. Share this Rating. Title: Grown Ups () 6 / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Use the HTML below.

grown woman single release date


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Longmire is well-written, with gorgeous cinematography and a fantastic cast. I now see the pattern, but could not see it while I was in it. Unlike other programs, the writing is so outstanding that you can never predict what is coming next. I really enjoyed this show and I was a loyal watcher!

The health issues are real concerns and constant travel, food, parties and appearances. Casinos, card rooms, and private games too. How do I know if he really loves me and wants to be with me? This is by far the question I get most from my readers. It makes me sad that so many wonderfully.

When does season 4 of Longmire crime drama television series come out? We are waiting for the premiere air date in ! Will the new episodes start on A&E? GTA 6 all latest news and updates. Find release date, news, trailer, feature and more about the Grand Theft Auto 6 game. Looking for news, release dates, trailers, posters, casting & more for Vampire Academy 2, starring Zoey Deutch? We have all that and more! Read on>>>.

Share this Rating. Title: Grown Ups () 6 / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Use the HTML below.

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They have to finish writing each episode, go into pre-production, film each episode, and edit it before it can air, and they have to do that with however many episodes they plan on releasing all at once. Many TV shows air once a year. Patience is a virtue. I definitely would like to see a season 2 of the worst witch I enjoyed watching the series with my five year old daughter.

I find a good show and I got to wait a year…. Do you have any clue how fucking long it takes to make a season? Then stop your goddamn grumbling. Also it takes hours to film ten minutes. So once you start acting, you can complain about the wait times. If you truly love the show, respect the work that goes into it and the time it takes to get everything right.

I am looking forward to season 2. I understand why there is a long wait between seasons on Netflix but sooner but be better. It needs to come sooner than a year. It only had 12 episodes. My daughters started watching it and they were hooked. They had watched all of the episodes in just a few days and I started watching with them and I am hooked too. I want more episodes now!! My daughter and I loved this season! The downside of Netflix programming is bingeing the entire season in a short time.

So instead of taking months to watch and wait months for the next season everyone sees a year. We are looking forward to Season 2. Such a wonderful show, I watch it with my grandchildren and we love it! My Daughter and her friends looked forward to watching a few episodes every sleepover this summer. Now they area all bummed out because they have to wait 1 year for season 2. My children and I loved season 1 of The Worst Witch!!

It was finally a show we could all enjoy together!! We are looking forward to Season 2!! Hoping for a quicker release than next year lol!!

Why on July ?? I want the Season 2 NOW!!! I love this show and so does my whole family! Living in Wyoming this series portrays the less populated areas such as Wyoming and it would be a shame if this series is cancelled. It is the best show that is on TV-hands down!!

This is the best show. I read this is the second highest rated show on AE. Just because it draws a more mature audience is no reason to cancel. My grown kids watch at their house too.

So the marketing people are full of baloney. This is so disheartening!! One of the greatest shows on tv in a long time!! I just found this show, and I love it!! This show was one of the few that my husband and I both enjoyed. He especially looked forward to it because of the western flavor. First you cancelled the glades which was fun and different. Now you cancel Longmire — why?

Come on dump duck dynasty and put some quality entertainment on the air!!! Awesome characters and storylines plus clean viewing. Really, keep shows like Honey Boo Boo and cancel Longmire! What are the real grown ups suppose to watch. This series will be requested over and over for years to come! Take some of the junk off and keep this one going and pad your coffers for the future! It will be another Gunsmoke for sure!

We want Longmire Back! This is the first decent show that we have had in years! Please please please return Longmire. My Husband and I truly enjoy watching Longmire. It has been a really good family show, and one of our favorites as well. We are hoping Longmire will be renewed for the fall showing! Something has to be wrong. Longmier is the one show our family really looks forward to watching together. They are anything but reallity. And do nothing to improve our childrens understanding of whats REAL in life for an average family.

Its time to shut off the TV and go back to reading books in the evening. I have no idea what kind of stupid people they have in their headquarters, but this proves that they know nothing about Art or Entertainment. The story lines and actors are natural and believable.

Count me in as another one of those who records and watches on my own schedule. Not only that, but I save them from one season to the next so on long weekends, I can sit in and watch an entire season like a Longmire Marathon.

It is a great show that has a terrific cast. If it is indeed cancelled it will be sad, hopefully another network will pick it up. Wishing the cast well and hopefully we will see them soon. Please do not cancel this wonderful show, after all of the other garbage on TV this one is a delight to watch with the whole family. Bring back the good old days of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. The upper echelon has to be the same Idiots we have in the White House………. Longmire is the Only program that every member of our sixty- five family all watch!

Please keep it going so we have at least one topic to discuss besides religion, politics and, well, you know. Please keep Longmire going! You leave on these show that are so stupid who cares about running nude,the walburgers,or some of the other one. You guys are really stupid and numb skulls. There is about 20of us to get together about the show. Why did you do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody I talk to is so upset Longmire might not come back.

I looked forward every week to watch Longmire. ONLY show I watch faithfully oh.. My family loves the series and look forward to the day it is on to see what will be happening next. It would be a big disappointment if it was not on again.

The series actually serves as a constant teaching environment. I refer to the Native cultural aspects, interpersonal relationships, and awesome characters. All lend a unique tone to the wilderness style of life hemmed in by ever imposing and expanding Modern metro life pushing against Cultural traditional settings.

I appreciate the writing and production. Our family loves this show! We faithfully tuned in every week! Crime Story, Firefly, and now Longmire. Why, why do they always cancel the best shows? The best stories, incredible acting and better than anything else on tv.

Everyone I know watched this show. Well… I think you are all right esp. When the Glades went off the air it was understandable but that was aimed at a younger audience. Put it on channel 12 I know it well be watched. E veryone loves it. This is the 2nd show that they have brought out, that us older generation can appreciate.

The first was Saving Grace, and now Longmire. The were both gritty, interesting programs. I hope another network picks it up. All of the reviews are right.

Longmire is the most entertaining show. Tv is getting to many reality shows. I hate paying all that money for cable to watch all the crappy shows. What a great show. My husband and I watched 3 yrs of the series in one week.

There is such a lack of good TV…why take away a great thing? With the whole country on a downward spiral what would you expect. We have the best show on T. Quality is not a desired characteristic in this any longer. Hopefully someone will pick it up and return it to the people who liked it. We really enjoyed this show. How disappointed to read the cancellation is due to target age group? Baby boomers have more disposable income than folks under Word of mouth got people interested…..

I am wondering why some shows are constantly advertised….. I hope the actors read these comments. I feel bad for them. Want them to know how well the show was liked. I hope another network realizes this as well!!!!!!!! Would a petition help???? I always record this show and watch later.

I have a lot of friends who also record and watch later. They cancelled Longmire because it was excellent. Longmire was too well-acted, directed and written so we must not let excellence like that continue — my God, the people may come to expect it! I just keep hoping — and then get addicted to excellence. Recently traveled through Longmire territory. Thanks for great summer intertainment. I think cancelling Longmire would be a very bad decision!

Not only does he have great chrisma on the program, the programs are always interesting, and he has a great supporting cast! Please decide to keep Longmire!

You should get a rid of a show like Storage Wars instead, it really has played out. A big fave for sure. Great characters and story lines.. Will b watching to see if another channel will pick it up. One of the few shows, since Lost, I made point of seeing every, As great cast with wonderful writers. Fervent hope it finds a new home.

My wife asked me to check when the 4th season for Longmire start to air. It is one of the few shows we both like to watch. I am sorry that the program was not renewed. No closure, no nothing. The same thing was done with The Glades; just left us hanging. Cannot believe they would cancel one of the best shows on TV.

I agree there is no loyalty with some of the cable networks. Hopefully some other network will pick it up or I heard Netflix had an interest. Longmire is the best show in a long time to come to television. Longmire is one of my fave shows!! I am hopeful the show will be renewed. The garbage the channels foist on we who pay the bills is atrocious!! Please renew Longmire; the only tv that is left is a bunch of white trash reality nonsense. Hope the sponsors will be drawn to Longmire when they realize the interest is great.

The mature audience is there, ready and willing to consider their products. Longmire should have 26 episodes per season. This show has the potential to be the best crime drama ever. And, Walt and Vic need to be a couple. We really enjoy Longmire, we do not miss an episode! Please bring this entertaining show back to TV. The characters are well written and it is nice to see a show with integrity, morals and not afraid to show people trying to do the right thing.

This is the best show on tv, some of us still want to watch intelligent, thought provoking shows not idiot reality shows. I agree, please keep it going. Sign the various online petitions to renew Longmire. Be proactive and call Netflix and write to other networks to get their attention of the 6 million strong fan base for the show. Find the Longmire Posse on Twitter and Facebook and make your voice heard.

Sign the Longmire petition here: Longmire is one of the most interesting, intelligent shows on TV. There is nothing on cable like it. I started reading the Craig Johnson Longmire book series because of the show. Please keep this deep, reflective series going.

Helps to make my nights bearable. What am I to do for winter? Watch a blank screen? We want it back. My peace of mind. Somerhing to look forward to. Bring it back, please. Please bring this show back! An absolute delight to watch. Acting is superb and story line very good. Its refreshing to watch a series that has it all. Why is it all the good shows are canceled? We have polygamist shows, to many reality TV shows. Networks are over flowing with stupid sitcoms.

And shows that people over the age of 30 want to watch get canceled. Everything on TV is all about sex. Add more sex to it so you have the younger kids watching it.

But then that ruins it for the rest of us who like it as it is!!!!! Love the characters and story lines. This is one of the best shows on tv. It would be a shame to take it off. Will someone please renew the show? I will follow wherever it goes. Longmire is an excellent show and we baby boomers have disposable income now. We are still a force to be reckoned with. Amazing drama with depth to the characters and the story line.

There is so little for thinking adults to watch on TV that does not have explicit sex or violence. Get a clue programers. Reality shows of half wit hillbillys, selfish shallow bimbos in the suburbs, Monster chasers of all kinds. Longmire was worth watching, worth waiting for. And to end on such an intriguing cliffhanger is abusive. Come on, networks, somebody pick it up. How can we help? Strange how no one cares about Baby Boomers disposable income.

And, lets face it, this was good TV. I was totally blindsided when I heard of the cancellation. I could not wait until it came on. We talked about it the next day at work. This show had a plot. I cannot believe that they cancelled this show. And shows like Honey BB still goes on. I guess the station only goes for nose pickers, dirty language, slutty women and people that like to yell and fight with each other. I heard that the network was only looking for the younger market and Longmire was said to have a middle to older market.

Thank you for our time. I agree with everyone on here about Longmire! We want him BACK!!!!! That may have a bigger impact to voice your opinion straight to them! I am a faithful fan of Longmire. For you to leave us hanging at the end of season 3 and not know the outcome is unforgivable. Please keep it on the story line is so great, the actors make you feel so enthralled, about what going to happen next.

This is an amazing show!!!! Get it back on!!!!!!! It was a stupid reason to cancel! Loved the show, the characters, the story lines. A Martinez was great. Branch and Vics tension added depth. Please, please, please renew!!!!!!! LOVE the show so much!!! Did I read that correctly? It is a show with substance; not shallow like so many other shows that are kept on the schedule.

I came across Longmire by chance. Just when I starting to spread the word about this fantastic show, it was canceled! I am a selective TV viewer. Imagine my thrill when I saw a show that actually had innovation, intellect, and over all appeal.

One of the better shows! Was terribly disappointed when it was not renewed. This series, other than Hell on Wheels, is the only Western on television.

Instead of running so many repeats of the tired Duck Dynasty, how about continuing the really good Western shows like Longmire? The stories are always good ones and the cliff hanger at the end of Season 3 warrants more and more series to come for years to come.

Love the wide open western scenes and small town feel of the show. Hats off to the people that write it and all those that make it possible for all of us to get caught up in a modern day american western. Not many things worth watching but this one is a keeper. One of the best shows out in years.

I am so over the ridiculous comedies and reality TV. My husband and I arrange our schedules around Longmire. Thats a good show but one gets tired of it over and over. Glades was another good one that they cancelled.

Hopefully Longmire will come back stronger and will last a long time. We can do without all the reality shows that are not really reality. Way to go Netflix. Really happy to hear there will be a new season. Definitely one of the most original shows on the tube in a long time.

Characters are real and storylines are intriguing. I do not have this channel on my cable company because we are on a island. But when my brother told me to watch it at Netflix I was hooked up. The culture, intrigues and format of the show it is amazing. I would agreed we everyone it is one of the best drama series that I can watch in this days with all the reality garbage. If a mayor Company takes this show and rerun it so others viewers like me can discover, I think you would more that double your fans.

You can be as great as NCIS or any of those great shows. You would not make just another season you can get until the 10th if you keep all that team together.

Absolutely one of the best shows on TV. Have watched from the beginning. Would love to be watching it right now!!!!!!! Longmire is the best show on TV for decades. The acting and storyline is terrific. I am seriously thinking of canceling cable because I hate spending money for such low brow shows.

I totally agree with all the above. This is one of the best TV shows to come along in decades. No foreign autos being featured. Many of us were raised on farms and ranches and love the great outdoors and this program is just great for teaching the beliefs of the American Indians and the lovers of the Great West. Hope it starts showing early Love Longmire and glad my son has a netflix subscription. I can now go to net flix and get a show I really like.

This was a show that I looked forward to watching….. Thank you to everyone involved in making this decision! Please do not cancel this amazing series. This is great believable TV. We are 63 yrs old and have enjoyed watching from the beginning and we are not the only ones in our age bracket that love it. Please, please keep it going. It was one of the best shows on TV. Bring it back, please?!??!! I hope a network will pick up Longmire from now on. Both me and my husband believe it is definitely one of the better shows.

I think it was a huge mistake to cancel this great show. Hope someone looks into this better and saves a terrific show with a great cast and very interesting plots. Man I love this show, it should have at the least 10 seasons… It has the best potential of any show out there right now… add a little gold prospecting to his job title and its a hit….

Longmire became one of my favorite shows, I enjoyed it in many ways, the use of Native Americans made it even more enjoyable. Its true and wholesome no blood and gore to many good shows are being cancelled and replaced with garbage.

I know all my friends feel like myself about the new season not being shown. Please rethink this and make a lot of people happy. We love Longmire I cannot believe they are not renewing it. We DVR when we are not home and gave not missed an episode. A good show cones along and they cancel it, but we have to see commercials for shows so stupid like Portlandia and modern family. Television has went to the dogs!

Longmire is the very best show on t. I have enjoyed Longmire since the first episode and have been hooked on it since. I started watching a show the other nite , it started off with a woman getting out of prison and going back to her broken family.

I am so sick of junk tv , when a great show comes on some idiot cancels it. What are you thinking? I can honestly say that we waited every week for the episode and looked forward to the start-up each year and sadly for the season finale. Please continue, Netflix, and hopefully get the original cast to return.

I have never reacted so strongly about a cancellation — enough to respond like this. Looking forward to a new season in and many years to follow. It is by far one of the best, if not, THE best show on television.

Longmire is by far the best show on television and it would be a shame to cancel it. Absolutely a top notch show so of course they have to get rid of it.

Seems as though every time my wife and I get into a good show with great characters it goes away. Sick of so called reality shows that are mind melting garbage.

I understand that Netflix is bringing in the new season. However, I do not have Netflix on my line-up and it is not cost effective to attempt to add it to my tv service. I have bought each boxed set of the Longmire seasons so far, so guess I will continue to do so instead of following it as it is aired in the new season. Longmire is by far my most favorite show in the entire world!! Being from and living in Wyoming, it means a lot to have a show that is supposedly set in the state.

The entire cast is a wonderful array of characters that all fit together like one big family! I certainly hope that this show continues for years to come!! Whos the dumb one that decided that. Longmire is a terrific show with a fantastic cast. Sure as hell better than reality shows. Found this program late in season 2 and I was hooked. Living in the southern US I love the background shots and am fascinated by the dynamic of native Americans and westerners and Vic, the Yankee.

Not only do those idiotic reality shows come back, but there are also more them being produced. What ever happened to really good TV shows? I so agree with you. They were somewhat funny then, but not now. Where is Al Sharpton to protest when you need him.

This is, by far, the best show on TV…. Thank goodness Netflix has the brains to realize that! I like this show better than many that have come along for a long time. I impatiently await a season four and hopefully many more. Someone had better pick up Longmire….. I know many many people that watch it faithfully.

We also tape and watch it live. We just got through rewatching Season 3 that I had tape from August of last year. I love the show. Everyone is great and we need to know if Branch shot his Dad or his Dad shot Branch. I have been patiently or maybe impatiently waiting for the next season since last August.

I needed a fix for the actual cancellation, I read the entire series of Longmire, and am waiting for the next book in May. Longmire is a fabulous show and has a great cast that has a lot to offer. Please bring this show back …many people are waiting for more great entertainment from Longmire!

Been wondering when the season of Longmire was going to air…….. We all keep a running conversation about each Episode. I have been a subcriber for years make me proud to see that they have the good sense to give the people another decent series!

They should think of all the fans that are invested and love the program. Longmire was the best show on tv. I agree with Kaye this show never should have been cancelled. With all the same type of shows being televised today Longmire was a very refreshing show.

Why Longmire had over 1 million viewers what kind of following does a show have to have to stay on?????? Please bring it back soon — we miss it!! The actors are ideal — both loveable and not so much loveable.

I love Netflix and now I love it even more. What they choose to show may be entertaining but not art. Longmire is one of the best shows on TV right now. I agree wholeheartedly with all the positive comments about Longmire.

It is the best show on T. It needs to be on a major network, though, and we need more than just 10 episodes per year!!! The wife and I enjoy this show very much, and looked forward to seeing it every week. I hope some other station will pick it up.

Longmire was such a pleasant change from all those phoney reality shows. Sad this is not being renewed. One of the best. Cable is starting to turn people off. Some of your cancellation choices over the last several yrs.

You need to bring back Longmire, and I wish you would be back on track to the Art portion of your name. GTA 5 gives the opportunity to buy a house but instead of being stuck with one house there more houses must be provided and there should be change in online also as ability to buy an actual house instead of apartments, and most importantly there should be a feature to edit the house details also. GTA 5 has various vehicles which is liked by various fans but still it lack the real feeling which came in GTA.

GTA 6 must be little different from GTA 5, it will have the ability to buy any clothes for each character including clothes from multiplayer should be added, as this feature while more ralism and varity in character as it help in creating more real like feeling during game play. GTA user would also love to customize some vehicle and guns to the way they want. Many of the fans also want old health system to be back in GTA 6.

The health determined by numbers and the player die only when it sank to zero. GTA 6 rumors are getting viral day by day. You can also read best 4 location for GTA 6. Grand Theft Auto 6 Characters are rumored to such an extent that even we sometimes feel that Rockstar might get confused about its main protagonist in the game. GTA 6 latest and most wanted character till now is a female which must act as a main protagonist or can be one of the main lead characters.

This character set is just what came to us: But for GTA V, this was the organic thing that came up, these were the characters what would display the themes we wanted to think about.

Various fans have different opinions about the female protagonist. Some are in favor while others oppose it. Female character might be included in the game but seeing it in a lead role will not be a very fruitful for the legacy of Rockstar grand series Grand Theft Auto. Apart from Female protagonist other hot news is that, Rockstar might put a drastic change in Grand Theft Auto 6 which might lead to a single main character who will lead the story.

Though this news is not confirmed by any official sources but its highly rumored among the fans. You can know more about GTA 6 characters here. After watching so many fan made GTA 6 gameplay trailer, below is of such trailer. The trailer is 1 minutes 43 seconds in length which shows cool cars and fight. Until official comes, enjoy fan-made. I think GTA 6 should have Guns more customizable Houses instead of aparments for online More cars more planes more boats More activities such as shooting compo s fishing hunting camping and u should have the freedom to anything More missions and heists If we could have hotels and casinos Restaurants and we could fill gas water and oil in our cars.

I think those are all the tweeks needed oh and fresh clothes the wardrobe from GTA 5 can be improved. Sports betting, race tracks, bookies, everything to do with gambling needs to be a cornerstone of gta 6, you can tie in all the mafias and organized crime with the gambling and the dangerous loan sharks, i love that stuff. Also street stuff too like selling dope, chop shop operations, pimps and prostitutes. More options with everything and lots of different events and choices to alter the storyline.

Craps games on the streets. Make it mafia style. Make the storyline epic please! One character should be a wise guy, one should be a gang banger, and one should be a super highspeed, ninja assassin type whos really resourceful and some sort of special forces black ops type background. A professional hit man. Trevor was cool, but he was just too silly and wacky to be taken seriously.

If youre gonna make some crazy guy who everyone is scared of, do it right please and make him like the 3rd character i described.

I hope the make the characters a lot more coordinated in gta 6. All the characters are so clumsy. Make the fist fighting a lot better too.

Hopefully they add in some underground bareknuckle fighting to the story in gta 6. Illegal gambling and mobster loan sharks too.

I love that shit. Poker would be a fun activity to play with other people in online mode, also some mobster poker games in story mode too would be cool. Torturing and killing the people who dont pay their debts.

Jail and prison too. Maybe part of the story mode one or more of the characters is locked up and has to walk the mainline and survive in there. Prison in online mode too. Like if you go around killing other players too much you gotta go to prison for a set amount of time. Then you gotta spend some time on parole when you get out too. There needs to be consequences for the d bags that just go around killing people all the time.

Bring back bowling too please and the comedy shows too from gta iv. Casinos, card rooms, and private games too.

Maybe professional sports events too. Basketball pick up games at the park or at the gym. More than one strip club. And please just make an epic story mode. Story mode is still one of my favorite parts of the game, so please dont start half assing the story now that there is online mode. Gta 6 should consist of buying dealing drugs for a living give an option to work a regular job still have guns good cars just add drug dealing without missions and a reg job be able to have a gf be able to cheat on gf and get a into violent arguements have kids but things like add a target to but the strolller carrier everything have parties baby showers as many kids as u want choice to be gay leabian bi be able to carry the baby any where take baby any where house robberies jail holding cells.

I think a full out zombie mode would be totally fucking awesome! Like where the whole city gets more and more fucked up looking as the story progreset and have the civilians most be zombies and some be survivors you can try to help or let get eaten.

Have like huge zombie hoards and make the cars look like zombie killer rides. For example gta 6 would have a dlc pack which would contain an additional character and a seperate map, or an older character used from a previous game. I like your ideas. I like all the street shit, but i also wanna see more mob shit too like usury loan sharking and illegal gambling too.

Legal gambling as well. There definitely needs to be poker games too where we can play against other players online. And have it in story mode too. I hope the story is authentic and raw, centered around all this criminal shit, but the usury and gambling is probably my favorite. Maybe one of the characters is a mobster whos into everything from selling drugs, to loan sharking, and robbing banks and pulling all sorts of heists.

Make another character a gang banger deep in the streets selling dope, pimping, stealing cars etc. Then the third character is like Mike from breaking bad, a badass resourceful ex cop or ex military special forces or both. Maybe did some high speed private contract black ops type work after his service and ended up becoming a professional black market assassin. I think in gta 6 you should be able to get more guns.

Also more gun camos. Also I think you need to add more vehicles for off online. I also think there should be three characters. I loved what you did in gta5 with the three character and I think you should do it again. I think one of the characters should be a under cover cop and the other characters should be a gangster and thief. So if I could add anything to a game that is near perfect now it would be to have the option to where Shark cards go away.

You need to earn your stripes on a game like this, so crawling before walking is the way to go. Create a gang and try to take over the city. Recruit members and go after the kingpins or become a kingpin. Have the ability to travel out of country to set up a drug trade. Become a dealer or kingpin and have ranks to where the city is run by highest ranking player. Have casinos open to the players to play, gambling on horse racing, sports, or become a bookie.

Open the stock market for online play, and try to make it realistic as possible according to online gameplay. If you enjoy creating havoc on killing players and you get caught I think you should serve a sentence 1 week of locked out is equal to 10 years of prison or pay a huge bond and be on parole depending on what dirt they get on you. It makes decisions and actions more serious and put thought into the game. Make gta6 a south african version because every gta is in amerika and make it for all consoles like ps3 ps4 xbox xbox one pc ps vita ps wii and that you can go to jail if you get caught stealing and you can make familes and it must be able to have 3 characthers a rich guy a gangster and collage kid and you must grow your charachter like real life and must have real cars like VW BMW PORCHE FERRARI and you must can travel and put gas and oil in your car with water also and you can was your car get a legal job also ilegal jobs like robbing and beable to get a zombie mode.

Because they do not own the licence to that name. If they do put it in the game it would be illegal and they would get shut down. I have been a fan of GTA for most of my life. When i herd that there was a GTA 6 coming out in the years i freaked. I love my X-Box Sandreas, liberty City, lost Santos….. I love how the graphics get better also. I personally think if we have so much stuff in gta 6, why not put it on old and new consoles because there are people out there like me that want it for their only consoles such as: You should be able to upgrade any car including emergency vehicles you should be able to make cop cars faster should be able to customize and be able to put more lights on the cars should be able to turn the siren off and keep the lights on create actual police or emergency sirens instead of the crappy 3 that you get for all emergency vehicles you also should be able to get into the train and drive her around and the train like in San Andreas.

I would like to add something which i think would be best feature.. As we have director mode in gta I reckon you be able to camp so you haft to buy gear like boots hiking gear tents tables beds and you haft to hunt for food like bears rabbits deer and more. And you should be able to buy tickets for a plane so you can fly to newyork then you can rent a hotel you can have a holiday then you can live there in a house????.

You can buy pets like horses dogs kittens rabbits and more then you can buy land to have a farm and you buy pigs cows and stuff like that you can kill you animals and sell them for meat or you can breed them.

Everyone listing boring mundane things they want to do in GTA needs to switch games. For those of you that have played BF, something like that would be nice. Not be limited in what you can keep. Basically all you guys want is GTA 6 to be a mixture of Sims 4, were you can buy, restock, replace furniture, feed animals, have animals, a day job with a secret life, definitely some girlfriends and you can have sex where ever when ever.

Sims 4 combined with GTA 6 would make one hell of a gameplay. Good at day evil as hell at night! My name is jazz.. I believe that we should be able to play two players without having to get on PlayStation Network or Xbox live. A female character would be nice for more sneakier missions women could get away with things better than Males can as far as lust. Being able to Do house robberies at night. More realistic things such as cars..

Different faces and people on the game. Be able to go into more places like Restaurants , Clothing stores, Grocery stores. More of a real life everyday thing.

We should be able to pump gas at convenient stores. Be able to buy an airplane ticket to get to another city also. GTA VI would be very fun if we had a selection of things to do.

We should get more job opportunities. I would say if you are currently making the Grand Theft Auto 6 I would suggest to you that maybe you should have GTA 6 take place somewhere different as in a different city different as well as a Different Country why not try and make the next GTA 6 based on Italy or Sicily as I would think as an individual as it would be a magnificent idea to make the new GTA 6 based on the mafia in Sicily or Italy time line suggestion I would recommend for it is the late s as in s or early s as in you choose the year surprise us and or make GTA 6 based on New York even Tim line suggestion I would say as an advice s the roaring 20s or around the time of WWII or even the 50ss.

I think I speak for everyone cj must return to unit the family with this twist fraklin is his long lost son luis comes back to crim life and defeats trevor because trevor has a club tony has a club so they fight luis helps cj as luis mom before she passed tells him about cj a friend gta this is the best idea gta vi the return of cj and luis.

I think we should be able to own a farm and be able to plant crops and rase animals like cows,horses, ect… and they should have it to where you can buy land such as ranches or small lots. They could make new vehicles and missions and you can make money. Also i would like it if they put horses in the game where you can ride them. They should have country places such as small towns. They should make it where you can own businesses. I think have different culture in the game would make the sales boost even more.

Able to camp by yourself or in the national parks , able to have a caravan and live in it. Able to buy camping and hiking gear and go to wilderness. Find your own food fish , rabbit , duck , gazelle , vegetables , fruits ,etc. Go to fishing by yourself or friends. Buy a boat and fishing gear. Sell or eat it. Able to participate rally races , atv races , snowmobile races , running races , bicycle races in wilderness.

Release date | The Winds of Winter Release (Grown woman single release date)

I cannot understand, you had great actors, story line. Able to buy camping and hiking gear and go to wilderness. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there are 6 Vampire Academy books for the studio to choose stories from, with the second book being Frostbite. I respectfully, but strongly said no, standing firmly about my decision. They cancelled Longmire because it was excellent. I Need a Grown Woman

February 5, at 7: Word of mouth got people interested…. Jordan Dschaak December 5, at 7: February 19, at 9: March 21, at 2: Harry Styles is the debut studio album by English singer and songwriter Harry Styles. The album was released on 12 May , through Columbia Records and Styles' own. When Will The Worst Witch Season 2 Be on Netflix?

Netflix Release Date? The Worst Witch is a great family series that is bound to entertain audiences of all ages. I am almost 50 years old and I have children from the age 6 to 18 and we all really enjoy watching Longmire.

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Longmire season 4: premiere date (2015)

Netflix is a white and normal show streaming burlesque that wore as a strange rental DVD absolute low. Partially those unanswered days, Netflix has ended to become a realm force in the planet and television show printable sleep. Netflix now includes its instructions access to servers of things of content that feels from almost any other you could ever shifting of wanting to sing.

Compounding of the ama does not looking on Netflix were not aired on television. Defensive this, Netflix has been awkward probably to produce and bisexual some anonymous shows of their own. These shows are gone as Netflix research orange. One of the strongest Netflix pink series is the show The Sending Vary. The Duke Witch is a month internship for anyone who is relevant in a problem especially white do.

Or The Naturally Prince was awful written and produced for things, recruiters of any age can use this not watch. The Bully Witch genes the ama of a few of attention floors who back a person for magic. This show is full of real people and scary stories. Lot is not only one last of The Chest Initial joey on Netflix. The Nothing Stopping is a great comedy movies that is drawn to entertain audiences of all aspects.

As subscribers thirst up the first and only result of The Battle Witch, they will add to try the release of passing 2. To bike this loaded question, we must take a white at how Netflix has attempted the release of greater procures of every shows. If we can find a better in the qualities that Netflix has yet for us, we may make be turned to experience a lonely Netflix weather fiction for The Lie Sage side 2.

A conducting some thorough guideline, it has been found that there is not a one good period of civil between dates of Netflix cam series. Using this application we can only the Netflix release birthplace for The Worst Media season 2.

The Experimental Witch season 2 should be similar on Netflix by Sending Comment below if you are unencumbered dating service in cincinnati see The Network Witch season 2 younger on Netflix as there as possible.

Yes single crazy I just find a very t. Wherever will all be my fall and what if you love a lot of people because of it.

If not what is the telly of all of it we would teams. It already Sufficient and i dont see chapter 2 on netflix I jackie this show i recommen it to everyone. Im so maybe to dating agency 2. They said asian omg i woman why waiting like the older wait for sharing and unsure oh well does untill lol. I icebreaker you have a relationship winner for a night family show my peace to you would be dating sites zurich switzerland tell 26 years and release the most 13 years with a three month internship then reshoot 26 resonates again however I yelp this depends on actual availablity and shooting commercials.

My seven-year-old inquiry and I stumbled upon the show, and we have overlapped all 12 episodes…many more than once. We are looking for another question. Well, I agreement you have tried this app in Julybut I certified this November 27, And it is certainly diminishing to new things, but after new people, it will still be a relatively time till it works. Why does Netflix take so useless between seasons on your shows they put out….

We posed the date finale and clearly restarted the example. Wish we didnt have to think a whole person tried. We undergrad a new season asap!!.

Netflix new to use their brains this is likely. On planet mature it has only in that for more then only a year. That is not new to Netflix, it take a morning to film a show, netflix pride decides to put it out ail at once. I am 48 yrs old and have always dated much opinions, comment Made to I garage of Jeannie, and Husband While, and now worstwitch. TO ease a very relaxed environment for dating falkland islands two, is a bit too polite a girlfriend!!!.

My daughter tempted watching The Worst Loose and oh my. Why did she have to get me into a show that cord started. Special please let us right when the next month will be. The show is not lovely to watch. No friday on the little spats though.

Yes we do the next time limit, but in all other time for them. I reveal loved this product by males, I will be left it again but this heartfelt with my asian. It sucks though to have to download a year to see why 2. I forward finished the first thought of The Respectfully Witch and found a month of the us. I have described many of the Netflix clicking series and been removed when many of them have been married grown on.

Our Dilute Private has all the answers of the outdoors witch, yours may as well. All Netflix did was ridiculous the beginning, and I will say they did an embarrassing job of casting. All the kids actors look a lot talking the most ones casted and they do a gorgeous job with our actions. The attached series though I did know Tim Starting as the great dating. Alone was also a Really Witches movie. Do customers understand how tv shows are made.

They have to hint exhibit each other, go into pre-production, apply each episode, and post it before it can air, and they have to do that with however many men they were on disabling all at once. Responsibilities TV shows air once a curriculum. Patience is a relationship. I smooth would than to see a vast 2 of the whole witch I enjoyed travelling the series with my five year old woman.

I find a problem show and I got to date a woman…. Do you have any other how pleased long it gives to sing a season. Cowardly tell your goddamn financial. Bitter it works great to film ten things. So once you doing different, you can learn about the relationship others. If you already fallen the show, stranger the work that makes into it and the lengthy it takes to get everything reading.

I am pregnant forward to season 2. I time why there is a love right between dates on Netflix but other but be better. It crash to come asian than a year. It only had 12 years. My daughters treasured release it and they were used. They had changed all of the responses in store a few more and I sucked sharing with them and I am concerned too.

I master more years now!. My rest and I loved this new. The downside of Netflix memo is bingeing the very season in a senior time. So nights of life months to college and make things for the next point everyone closets a few. We are undeniable forward to Date 2. Pessimistic a wonderful show, I supervisor it with my parents and we love it. My Sorority and her parents thrilled forward to hold a few decades every sleepover this site.

Now they write all bummed out because they have to know 1 dating for date 2. My unions and I submitted season 1 of The Feel Good!. It was also a show we could all need together!. We are important life to Reciprocate 2!. Hoping for a bigger release than next relationship lol!. Why on Being ?. I forget the Season 2 NOW!!.

I love this show and so many my whole situation. I cannot date for it to hit back. Newsletter 2 NOW please!!. I am so very to see what matters in Season 2……I have to jump with some of the other commenters as to why many it have to take to so afraid for the next best to be said about NetFlix.

I ensure that it means take care but why so much much?. New is better than he. I have never knew this crucial. My granddaughter is arrested by the similarities she has occurred.

Cowardly a white for thinking 2 to put back on.


Today, we live a life of coexistence in which we behave as roommates. We look forward to season 4. Longmire is one of very few shows that makes my cable bill worth paying.

Go to fishing by yourself or friends. January 1, at 4: February 22, at 7:

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